Frequently Asked Questions

When should I schedule a session?

There are two steps to this process:  

-First, you need to pre-register during your pregnancy.  A pre-registration is a mock appointment on your due date. This step guarantees there is availability for your session within the three week window.  

-Second, once the baby is born, you schedule the actual appointment online under My Baby's Been Born.  

* If you have not pre-registered and your baby has already been born please call the studio at 973-954-2584.

When are babies best photographed?

Ideally babies are best photographed under 3 weeks, the younger the better.  Due to all types of circumstances, babies can and have been photographed up to 8 weeks, although it is not recommended to wait that long if it can be helped.  The older the baby the more restricted the posing, their ability to fit in certain props are reduced, and they tend to be awake for a majority of the session.  For premature babies, the timeline is based on both you and your doctors OK for baby to leave home and participate, whatever age that may be. 

How should I prepare baby?

Baby's should be scheduled to be fed about the time of arrival,  so somewhere around the 9:30-10am range for newborn appointments.​  Babies should be loosely dressed with as little layers as necessary for the current weather.  Oftentimes babies are asleep in the car seat when they arrive and I like to start them soon after arrival if they are sleeping.  Loose clothing allows me to undress baby with little fuss and disturbance to them.

What do I need to bring?

-  At least two bottles worth of feedings if bottle feeding

-  Pacifiers (bring several if possible just incase they fall)

-  Several receiving blankets for baby as s/he will be undressed for session and may soil them

-  Any special items you want incorporated 

The studio has a fully stocked nursery complete with glider, nursing pillows, changing table, white noice/heartbeat machine, and organic and natural wipes, creams, and lotions and diapers for you to use if you wish.  There are even healthy snacks for mom and dad, along with full coffee, tea and refreshment service. 

Do you provide props and accessories?

Yes!  Most of the items you see on the photos on my website are at the studio for your use.  There are tons of headbands and bonnets and hats and drapes and accessories for you to choose from throughout the session.  There are also outfits available for siblings ages 3months-7 years.  Feel free to bring any special accessory or items you would like incorporated in the session.

Do prints and/or digital files come with the session?

YES!  Digital files come with both the Mini Newborn and Full Newborn sessions, along with some great bonus gifts like prints, digital phone albums, etc. depending on which you choose.  Additional digital files, prints, canvases and more are available for your purchase in addition to your package.

Can my partner and I (and older children) be in the photographs?

Absolutely for the Full Newborn Session! In fact I highly encourage family shots!  Your baby/children will be looking for photos of you throughout their lives and these will be their most treasured possessions.

How many shots are taken?

Although this number varies and depends on the session you choose, and baby's level of comfort and sleep, anywhere between 20-40 diverse, final edited images are presented for your purchase at your Ordering Appointment.

Do you offer Baby Plans and does it have any incentives?

Yes!  Beginning anywhere from Maternity and beyond, My Baby Plan clients enjoy cash back for purchases, up to 50% off digital files and 50% off studio products.  Read more about it under Baby Plan on the Newborn Info drop down list.